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Toll Free Numbers

We offer Toll Free number with a smart Call Management System [our cloud based PBX system, MyOperator] to help small companies generate more business and project a bigger and professional image. Route your Toll Free Number instantly to any number. Now you can answer the call on your cell phone, home phone or from a phone in another country.

Smart Toll-Free Number

  • Attract more customers by letting them call for free
  • Connect callers to personalized professional IVR
  • Keep track of all leads and follow up for business

Marketing and Customer Care

  • No hardware or software setup required at any step
  • Get entire service and maintenance from trusted operator
  • Overall tracking, reporting and recording of all calls

Here is a system which needs no setup or maintenance and still gets you customers at as low as Rs.1.5 /new customer!! Manage and maintain your customers call record automatically.

Some Frequently Asked Questions

How can I get a Toll Free Number?

Simply register with us and our representative will call you to guide you further!

We will need your basic documents like company pan card and address proof over an e-mail at info@web4bharat.com (scanned copy). Besides that, you just pay the package amount and your toll-free number starts working in less than 3 day’s time.


How Toll Free Number can help my business grow?

When customers can call you for free, you can expect having more business calls and so more business. Our customer research has shown the increase in sales calls for toll-free number by 30%-40%. Which means you can expect up to 40% more business every month. Moreover it makes your company look bigger and professional. It is also a smarter way to enhance your company brand.


Why MyOperator Tollfree?

The MyOperator TollFree number along with call management system (Cloud based EPABX) costs you Rs. 3000 per month with flat charge of Rs.1.5/minute for incoming calls.

In a regular toll-free number, you can receive calls only on an EPABX system (PRI Lines) and that costs you minimum Rs. 10,000 per month with over 1 Lakh for hardware setup.Also, for other similar products on Cloud, you pay different bills for incoming call and call forwarding.
Our product lets you handle calls even over your regular mobile phone numbers at a much lower cost.


Why I pay for incoming calls?
In using toll-free, businesses pay for receiving their customer calls. The idea is to provide an ease to the customer to attract them. The amount you pay for incoming calls is much less than the business your customers bring! This charge is taken by operators or government bodies for this premium service.


Why call management system?
We provides MyOperator, a smart Call Management System along with the toll-free number to help you manage calls coming in. You see a higher call volume with toll-free numbers hence you need a call management system to manage and track the calls you are getting. It also helps you to keep a track of missed calls, if any. So you can call back and connect to all your potential customers!


What is the cost economics behind paying for the calls I receive?

Even if Toll Free bring only 20 new customers in a month, Average bill of a company comes at around Rs. 4000.
This would mean, every new customer at a cost of just Rs. 200!

Won’t it be the RIGHT investment?!


We are having the data of all India mobile users. If you want to send bulk sms area wise or industry wise, contact us.

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