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JO uses License free tools to develop this application, so that our client won’t have to pay any certification or Licensee fee for any particular technology. Our ERP is completely web-based application and we are following 3 tier MVC architecture. We uses latest technology i.e. advanced JAVA, Struts, PHP, AJAX, XML, MySql as an database for our corporate Portal.

  • We recommend a dedicated server for our application, and CentOS as an Operating System.
  • We recommend HP/ IBM server.
  • We uses Aircel Network for campu wi-fi.
  • We Uses Airtel Network for Bulk SMS.
  • We Uses Microsoft & Google Standard Plans for life long Email support.
  • we uses Yahoo services for Hosting Solutions.

This is different from the traditional client/server architecture in the way that the application instead of residing on the client now resides on the middle-tier i.e. the Application Server. This enables a user to access the application from the client end, using just a web browser. The core benefits of using these latest technologies we won’t face any difficulty to customized our application according to customer’s needs. The three tiers architecture of JO is as follows:

-Presentation tier (or user interface)- This tier interfaces with the user and consists of hardware
such as a PC/ Laptop or workstation and a web browser. This may consist of any number of client
- Functionality /Business Logic tier- This tier provides functionality to the end users and contains the business logic (application). It provides the bridge between the first and the third tiers. Depending upon the number of hits and the number of users, any number of application servers can be put in this tier.
-Data tier - This tier includes the database that contains all the data of the organization and this is encapsulated from the end users. Any number of database servers can be put in this tier, depending on the volume of transactions and the amount of data.

This three-tier architecture can work on the Intranet as well as over the Internet. A typical diagrammatic representation of the three-tier architecture of JO is as follows:

Technical Strength:

The ERP is highly scalable and robust to handle large number of client requests concurrently. The Java Servlet Engine runs in a multithreaded environment and can process multiple client requests at a time. Linux & Advanced Java are the BEST combination, Its totally protected from Virus, Hacking, System Crash etc. problems. We design our application IP Compatible so that system can be defined as such nobody misuse their application. Even if users know all the passwords and all other information, still required particular system to do the update/change in any records. We provide supports for

  1. IVR
  2. SMS Gateway
  3. Clustering for more than one server
  4. Finger Print Machine (For Staff Attendance)
  5. Electronic Cash Register (For Canteen)
  6. Security Systems (CCTV Camera, IP Camera etc, Fire Alarm)
  7. Touch Screens/ Kiosks
  8. Wordpress Blog [] php Forums [] moodle LMS []
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