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Why Advertise with JobOfficer?

  • As JobOfficer is directly connected with the youth, companies, campus, students having products / services targeted to this segment can get benefited by advertising campaign.
  • Flexible Advertising solutions tailored to your audience (Geographical Locations / Age Group / Streams).
    • You can promote your campus with us.
    • You can maintain your student profile here.
    • You can search campus, jobs, faculty and much more.
    • You can read study content here.
    • Last years question papers, syllabus, notice can be download here.
    • Campus news, wallpapers, screen savers, videos can be download here.
    • You can see campus video here performance etc.
    • You can publish here you own compositions, story, poems etc.
  • Due to unique features of providing educational services, not only the students but their parents, campus, corporate, consultants are regular visitors to our site.
  • Due to regular updating of site by publishing the latest events, campus news, career updates and student related activities, site is viewed round the year.
  • Clicking on the ads leads to client pages or website where query form / contests can be run thus building a database. 
  • JobOfficer is one of the fastest growing industry in education field. We are one of the BEST educational services providers in India and abroad.
  • To advertise with us, please email us at info@web4bharat.com or contact us at +91-9868435712

Common Features

  • Convenient Sizes that ensure simple and speedy downloads.

  • Can be made in any Language.

  • Customization in terms of the look and the message in order to create an identity for the client.

  • Links can be provided within the banners which takes the user to the client's site or a page specially created for the client which imparts information on the product / service.

Terms and conditions

  • Ads start after receiving duly signed purchase order / release order along with payment.
  • Please note that JobOfficer Ads tend to get booked well in advance, so it is advisable for you to let us know of your requirements at the earliest.
  • Designing service is available without any additional cost. Ads provided by clients are also acceptable within specified details.
  • Advertisement design can be changed if desired, subject to approval of artwork before at least 5 days.
  • As per Govt. of India notification, service tax will be levied on net billings.
  • Authenticity of advertisement contents is sole responsibility of advertiser. JobOfficer do not take any responsibility for the disputes that may arise.
  • Being an education portal, JobOfficer do not accept advertisements which can be considered as obscene. 
  • JobOfficer reserves the right to change rates without any prior notice or introduce any new categories at any point of time.

Advertising with JobOfficer.com not only ensures that your products are exposed to some of the brightest minds in the country; it also ensures tremendous reach and recall at a very low price point as compared to offline media costs.


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