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What is Syllabus Tracking Test  System?
This is an exclusive feature, created for syllabus tracking. Now, it’s the time to say goodbye to old-fashioned notes. The experts at Qozax have put together detailed learning modules on all topics within a chapter. We created subject wise test series according to syllabus covered in last 15 days. We update the question with the help of faculty, management, our experts and data operators. Only after that an online test is prepared for each class subjects.
Each student gets the unique user ID and password & perform the test. On the behalf of their attempt we immediate produced the reports and results.  The main features are:

-  No Stationary/No extra Internet bandwidth/ no extra efforts are required.
-  Complete reporting. Immediate results, in-depth monitoring of individual student.
-  Can be incorporated with SMS Alerts. (for students/Faculty/Parents about Test/Results etc.)
-  We can also put more test series after 50% syllabus covered, 75% syllabus covered etc.
-  If Laptops is available to students, they can update the test from their laptop also.
-  We also provide the solutions to the students for their improvements.
-  Top sorcerer name would be published on our website. 
-  Faculty can also create test for students.
-  Surprise test can also be scheduled like international university does.
-  Complete transparency & Quick Response.
-  Test can be prepare according to student level (easy/medium/hard)

You have Best Infrastructure, Senior Faculty, Modern Labs, Huge library;
& our students are not able to perform in Final exams?

Reasons for poor results,

  • Syllabus not covered/ Faculty Resign
  • Tough Exam/Tough Marking
  • Student don’t Revise, what they read last week,
  • Wrong Attitude (study in exams days only)
  • Question Papers set by Unknown Professors

Note: Service Tax would be charged extra.

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