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Learning Management System manages, tracks and reports on interaction between the learner and the content & the learner and the instructor. The Learning Management System (LMS) manages the delivery of self-paced, e-learning courses. The LMS lets you publish courses and place them in an online catalog and/or assign courses to learners. Learners log into the LMS using a browser and launch courses. The LMS tracks the learners’ activities with the courses. . The LMS provides online reports for each course and learner.
LMS-Portal will serve the following features.


* 1 Overall design
* 2 Site management
* 3 User management
   o 3.1 Overview
   o 3.2 Enrolment
   o 3.3 Roles
* 4 Course management
   o 4.1 Overview
   o 4.2 Assignment Module
   o 4.3 Chat module
   o 4.4 Choice module
   o 4.5 Forum Module
   o 4.6 Glossary Module
   o 4.7 Lesson Module
   o 4.8 Quiz Module
   o 4.9 Resource Module
   o 4.10 Survey Module
   o 4.11 Wiki Module
   o 4.12 Workshop Module
* 5 Support.


-           Quick start       
-           Right Fit
-           Focused           
-           Easy to Use
-           Expandable
-           Customizable
-           Upgradeable
-           Multilingual
-           Segment specific modules
-           Customizable to your needs
-           Fast to Implement
-           Integrated E-commerce functionality

Note: We configure your LMS with Moodle,Blog with Wordpress, Knowledge forum with phpBB.

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