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JO is comprehensive integrated process automation and management system services for educational and training institutes which facilitates automation of all key processes of an institute; forms backbone of a comprehensive MIS.
JO Learning System: For the same reason why many individuals have done so. students. And now you get the result - fully functional e-Learning system featuring all the most useful learning tools:
Learning Management System is an advanced tool for doing e-learning for
both students and teachers. It is a sophisticated E-Learning tool which offers a wide range of new functions and features to provide students and teachers a professional educational experience integrated in a well known Windows interface.

Universities, Colleges and Schools often spend millions of dollars/rupees to implement  their own Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) projects that can many years to implement. The early report cards coming in from across the different countries on ERP projects in higher education show mixed results. At JO we provide you a platform for implementing an ERP that could save your University/ College millions of dollars/ Rupees and could be implemented in less than six months of time. Along with ERP, we provide permanently dedicated staff to campus who not only monitor the ERP but also update it.
Since Education ERP is a vast topic that’s why we have divided the Education ERP in eight segments:

    • Campus management system, Accounts (All type of data) ,Library Registrar including Student Management System
    • Learning Management System, Course design etc.
    • Dynamic website, online result, Notices etc
    • Brand Management, SEO, Consultancy etc.
    • Training and Placement, Alumni
    • Corporate Training, Workshops, seminars.
    • Admission, counseling etc.
    • Miscellaneous
    Our Strong Features
    • Web4Bharat develops an ERP solution JobOfficer for you, which can manage day to day activities happening in the college campus
    • Solution designed on an N-Tier architecture allowing multiple users to work simultaneously from multiple locations on a single database.
    • It helps in proper documentation and standardization of education process by setting up protocols for each and every process.
    • We automates all important and critical processes like fees collection (All types),  student deactivate, student results, news circulate etc effectively  to improve productivity, efficiency and accuracy of their entire system.
    • JO reduces 70-80% work load from each department, which helps you to utilize your resources in a better way.
    • Manual process always pays a lots of paper waste. We reduce paper work that helps your organization to be eco friendly.
    • In our ERP, the entire department works independently. Because of centralize networking system, all uses the common database
    • Our solution is designed with easy to use, interactive and user friendly interfaces that help non-expert users to perform complex functions without any difficulty.
    • Our complete application is compatible with MS-Excel. You can export every report into excel for further use and printing options.
    • We generate maximum reports through our software. Our MIS is one of the robust features of our software.
    • Our ERP is complete web based application and compatible with windows, Mac, Linux. ERP is IP compatible and covered with authorization code.
    • Automatic Back up utility has been installed to reduce from system crash mishap.        

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