Total Account Unblocked : 1924 (Till 8th May 2015)
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Facebook has users identify friends in photos to verify accounts, Prevent Unauthorized Access

Facebook users are now better protected from unauthorized password changes and suspicious logins thanks to a new set of security features. The first: if a user enters an old password that has since been changed, Facebook now tells the user when the password was changed and asks if the user remembers doing so. If they don’t remember, they are asked to verify their identity, and are prompted to reset their password or use the hacked account self-recovery tool.

The other change: if an account is logged into from somewhere distant from its usual login location, the person accessing the account will also be brought through the identity verification flow which instead of changing passwords involves identifying friends in photographs.

However, it’s not perfect. Some users have friends they can’t recognize by photo, or are prompted to identify people in photos that only include logos, pets,quotes, or other indistinguishable images — and they have been mistakenly locked out of their accounts by this identity verification method.

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Its not easy to identify, if they are not your friend, even in your wont be able to track who tag him/her/
Note: Please do not change your password after submiting a request to us. After that we are not able to process your account.
Total Account Unblocked : 1924 (Till 8th May 2015)
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Note: Every account can't be track. We may further need more information to unblock your account. Submiting the account information mean you are agree to access your account by us.
Our experts develop a technique which can help you in unblock of your accounts.

Some users also have many friends they can’t recognize by face, such as those they meet on forums or while playing social games. This security feature could reduce erroneous account suspensions and lock outs by only asking users to identify people that they have been tagged in photos with, and by using photo recognition software to ensure test photos always include a human face.

If your facebook account is blocked due to adding many friends. Now you have to pass a security check to identify 5 pictures of your friends. We can help you to recover your account. We are expert in identifying pictures and we have recovered many accounts successfully.
We do not take any advance amount. You have to pay a normal amount after your account is being recovered.
For complete details contact us, Please fill the form correctly.

Rules: We need your help to identify some person. If you can help to identify those person that would be great help. We may need your mailing account information too to unblock your account.

We need at least 4 friends to identify to unblock our account.

Our normally charges are Rs.1 per user. (Mean if you have 500 friends it would be rs. 500 only.)

Our normally charges are $0.1 per user. (Mean if you have 500 friends it would be $ 50 only.)

but we can waive off our charges in some cases.**

We are facing Huge accounts unblocking request, please keep visiting your email accounts for regular updates to check out the status of your account or keep sending the request repeatedly for faster access. Sometimes we need your help but unable to contact you. Please provide the correct information, we received many request with wrong login details. Also don't change password during unblocking. For any query write to us at

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Disclaimer: We do not guarantee every account will be unblocked, but till now our success rate is 90%. Time depends upon your friends no.s

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